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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2014

Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC  2014:

SpeedUpMyPC 2014 is a tool for improving system performance. The best thing about SpeedUpMyPC, though, is the fact that it logs everything it does and can restore those items if you are unhappy with the change for any reason.
It does this by installing system speed tools, performing system tweaks, disabling unused processes, and cleaning up the registry based on results from a system scan.
Some of the improvements include an application to monitor runaway CPU usage by a process or application; tweaks to Internet Explorer, network cards, and core OS settings; disabling of application update processes; and fixing orphaned registry items.
SpeedUpMyPC modifies Windows to make it run faster and at optimum performance by installing speed tools, making operating system tweaks, disabling unused and unneeded processes, and cleaning up registry issues.
The scan is done immediately (by default) when the application is first run and is then repeated every two weeks (again, by default). Once the scan finishes, the user can deselect the items they do not wish to have changed.

Easy to Install - UniBlue touts a one-click installer and it’s practically true. Once the installer file is executed, you click once to install then once again to finish. Use the Ready Boost feature within Windows Vista or Windows 7 by connecting a USB pen (flash) drive as an additional source of memory to enhance system performance.
Easy to Use - During the installation, the option to start SpeedUpMyPC immediately and to start a scan immediately are checked by default. After the scan is finished, you can perform all of the suggested changes at the click of one button.
Safe to Use - SpeedUpMyPC logs all changes made and allows you to undo any of them at any time in the future.  Use an Error Checking utility to perform a file integrity check and identify bad sectors on the hard drive and file system errors.
Registry Defrag - Hidden within the manage tab instead of being part of the normal scan and repair feature is a Registry Defrag which also should help improve system performance.

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